What the Lab?

Free Flutter Laboratory

Why the Flutter

Did you know that the demand for Flutter developers is growing faster than the number of protesters in Minsk? More and more companies, when hiring Mobile engineers, prefer those who know Flutter 😉
WTF invites everyone to study Flutter & Mobile technology for free in our laboratory with the possibility of further employment for talented developers.

How to join:

Form submission
First step is form submission, where you should tell us about yourself, your achievements and knowledge in the IT field.
Online interview
Then we organize 20-minute interview so that we can assess your level of knowledge and build a personalized lab program.

Studying process:

The learning process takes place online with the following cycle:
Getting a lesson
You receive theoretical material and practical tasks for a lesson from your teacher.
Completting tasks
After that, you study theory and complete practical tasks for a lesson.
Online interview
Finally, you have an online interview with your teacher to get feedback and discuss any difficulties.
Depending on your level, you will got from 10 to 20 such "lesson cycles".

What you will get:

Strong Flutter knowledge
Personal certificate
Two projects for portfolio
Potential job offer
Are you ready to join?