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The experts of Flutter development
Flutter is the only cross-platform framework, that allows effective sharing both the UI code and the UI itself between platforms.
You can expect a Flutter app to require at least two times fewer man-hours compared to the same app developed separately for Android and iOS.
Thanks to effective code sharing and rich set of fully-customizable widgets, you can build native interfaces for your MVP in minutes.
Same UI and Business Logic in All Platforms
Reduced Code Development Time
Increased Time-to-Market Speed
Wondering why should you bother trying Flutter on your next project and what your business gains with it? We’ll help you get a clue of why Flutter is the most effective cross-platform framework and what advantages Flutter has in both development and business processes.
Flutter application performance will be indistinguishable from the native app and even better in complex UI animation scenarios.
Layered architecture allows for full customization, which results in incredibly fast rendering and expressive, flexible designs.
With Flutter, you can go far beyond Flutter app development on mobile. There’s also Flutter for Web and Flutter Desktop Embeddings now.
Similar to Native App Performance
Custom, Animated UI of Any Complexity
Real Ability to Go Beyond Mobile
Why Flutter?
We are recognized experts in Flutter industry and have been developing with Flutter since its 1.0 version.
Our company was one of the first in Europe, that started using Flutter in production development.
Why Us
We have our own Flutter laboratory, that teaches students systematically: from theory to practice.
We cooperate with leading information technology universities in Europe.
Our developers have over 40 successfully completed Flutter projects for 3.5 years.
What the Flutter is a regular contributor to the global Flutter community.
Successfully completed Flutter projects
Flutter Developers in the company
Students graduated from WTF Lab
Universities in partnership with us
Our service is to provide extremely talented developers who are ready to solve the hardest business problems with Flutter. Just choose a partnership model that meets your immediate needs:
Hire your own flexible crew with a relevant skill set.
Opt for this model if you:
How it works:

● Need a full-time
● Want maximum control over the development process
● Know, how many developers are needed
Dedicated team
Pay only for the work hours spent on your project.
This model is for you if:
How it works:
● The scope of work is not defined
● Technical documentation is poor or nonexistent
● The development might involve multiple pivots
Time & Material
Get your project accomplished within an exact budget.
Choose this model if you have:
How it works:

● Project specification
● Technical documentation
● Clearly defined expectations of functionality
Fixed Price
Industries we mainly focus on:
15 projects
12 projects
6 projects
8 projects
The core of our awesome team:
Alex Borisevich
Chief Executive Officer
Kirill Ivonchik
Chief Technology Officer
Vlad Prudnikov
Chief People Officer
WTF Community
What the Flutter consolidates hundreds of Flutter Developers around the world. Here is how we contribute to the Flutter community:
Every year we teach hundreds of students on the basis of WTF Lab or in collaboration with partner universities.
Our crew regularly takes part in Flutter meetups and conferences. Sometimes WTF organizes its own events.
What the Flutter is a creator of useful Flutter packages and plugins, e. g. our plugin Viva BLoC is used by 5K+ Flutter Developers.
We own the Flutter laboratory, where students learn Flutter professionally and systematically: from theory to practice.
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