Staff Augmentation

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Hire your own flexible Flutter crew with a relevant skill set
Use Cases
You want to stay very flexible in hiring.
Your team needs some specific expertise.
You do not want to deal with hiring bureaucracy.
You need to quickly extend your Flutter team.
You need temporary help to meet a deadline.
You need to expand or shrink resources anytime.
How It Works
Based on your preferences and required skill set, we suggest you several highly skilled Flutter Engineers for Staff Augmentation. You can review their CVs and select the candidates that resonate with you the most.
Selecting candidates
A meeting with one of our experienced managers where you discuss your project needs and wishes regarding candidates for Staff Augmentation.
Kick-off meeting
Once you have selected the desired candidates, we facilitate the opportunity for you to meet them through conducting interviews. During these interviews, you can assess their engineering skills or just discuss your project requirements.
Conducting interviews
During onboarding process of the selected Flutter Engineers to your project, our CTO supervises your team in setting up basic processes and ensures a smooth start to the work, providing guidance and support for a seamless transition.
Onboarding process
Once our engineers have started working on your project, What the Flutter managers, under the supervision of the CTO, will periodically conduct quality checks and monitor your satisfaction, addressing any issues that may arise.
Quality checks
After your final decision about the Flutter Developers for Staff Augmentation, we engage in negotiating the final terms of the service and promptly sign a contract, establishing clear expectations and ensuring a seamless partnership.
Contract signing
If the scope of work is final and clearly defined, we gladly provide you with a detailed estimate of the hours required to complete your project.
Project estimating
Discover the cost of our Staff Augmentation service by requesting a personalized quote based on your needs.
Personalized Quote
If you have any additional questions or would like to discuss our Staff Augmentation service in further detail, just contact us or schedule a free consultation.
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