Startups & MVP

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We turn your amazing idea into a ready-made application
Use Cases
You already have some requirements and want to develop a product.
You have an existing product that needs regular maintenance.
Your app with a legacy codebase needs to be rewritten into Flutter.
You only have an idea and want to create an MVP from scratch.
You want to migrate an existing application to cross-platform.
You have an existing product and want to develop new features.
How It Works
Once we have agreed on the defined milestones and budget, we formalize our partnership by signing a contract. The contract solidifies the terms and conditions of our collaboration, ensuring a mutual understanding of responsibilities, deliverables and financial aspects.
Contract signing
Our highly qualified team leverages their expertise and follows best agile practices to develop your product. As our partner, you have the opportunity to be actively involved, closely tracking the progress and staying informed about the ongoing work.
Product development
Once your product is ready, we assist you in making a successful release, handling all aspects including publishing to the App Store and Google Play. After the release, we seamlessly transition into the maintenance phase, where we continue to develop new product features based on your requests
Release and maintenance
Based on the requirements, we divide the work into several milestones and present you with a comprehensive breakdown of time and cost estimates for each stage. This allows you to have a clear understanding of the project timeline and budget.
Milestones & estimation
A meeting with one of our experienced managers where you share your project needs and limitation. Also you may ask any questions about our company processes and the service of MVP development in Flutter.
Kick-off meeting
To ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your ideas and any other sensitive information you provide, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before we begin exploring project requirements.
NDA signing
You provide us with a detailed description of your idea, along with any existing materials such as UX/UI designs, references, specifications, etc. Our team members, including the CTO, actively engage in asking clarifying questions to ensure a thorough understanding of the final solution you need.
Requirements definition
Discover the cost of MVP Development in Flutter by requesting a personalized quote based on your needs.
Personalized Quote
If you have any additional questions or would like to discuss our Startups & MVP service in further detail, just contact us or schedule a free consultation.
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